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Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Best of.."

The Best thing about Wayne State (or basically any other college in this case) is that you get out of school in the end of April. In high school you had to wait until June to get out (that 2 extra months of summer). Today is April 6th, so that means I only have 16 school days left!! And since I am not going to take summer classes this year, that means my summer is going to be 4 months..instead of 2 months! This probably has to be the best thing about college!...(but the fact that college is way harder makes up for me not likeing it right now).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

8-song Soundtrack

We could not think of 8 songs, so we only have 5 songs. As you enter the city of Detroit, the song "Welcome to Detroit City" by Eminem is played. In the song it says "And I Welcome u to Detroit City, I said welcome to Detroit City". The rest of the song talks about shootings and gangs but we arent using that part, we just wanted a song that was welcoming you to Detroit. As we are driving past the Max Fisher building the 2nd song on the soundtrack plays. It is "Shall We Dance" by the Detroit Sympany Orchestra. We choose this song because Detroit Sympany plays here and the songs has alot of city sounds in it. As we drive past the Cobo hall, the 3rd song, "Detroit Rock City" by KISS is played. We choose this song because KISS sung that song in Cobo hall and also Cobo hall was in the movie they did. In this song they state that " You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City". Then we turn down 8 mile road in Detroit, while "8 mile" by Eminem is played. This song pretty much explains itself. But Eminem says that there is "Only way that I know how to escape from this 8 Mile Road". The last song is not really something we pasted in the city of Detroit but it is a song by Stevie Wonder, called "Living for the city", that talks about family life in Mississippi but we thought that what he was talking about also pertained to Detroit.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

~Hate Radio~

We had to read "Hate Radio" by Patricia J. Williams. This is a very opinionated essay about how she feels discomforted by the radio. She does not like most radio broadcasters personalities. Such as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. She thinks that the things these people say on the radio are very racial and produces problems of tolerance. I am going to answer #3. Williams says that the media is begining to lose trust in everyone that is listening to it. She states "We must ask ourselves what the expected result is, not of much support, so much investment in the fashionability of hate."

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

5 picture essay of detroit

Is it vandalism? Is it art? Does it promote gangs? In Detroit, the graffiti is everywhere and it serves all purposes. It may be used by store owners to advertise. It’s on buildings, in the alleys, and even abandoned. It should be enjoyed regardless of what you want to call it. A lot of these pieces are better than works you can find in books. But personally I think that a piece of art that is in an art studio is more "arty" that something that is drawn on a wall (grafitti). Some people are doing it for a business or just for looks but others are writting in appropriate things and gang signs and names on places.

Friday, March 03, 2006

"Ultimate Night Out"

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Best of.."

I did my second paper on the Detroit Downtown Hoedown. I think that is the best even that goes on in Detroit during the summer. There is singing, dancing, and fun for three days. It started in 1983 and is known for the largest country music show in the world. It is hosted by 99.5 WYCD. This event attracts people from all races and ages. There are new performers, local bands, and also famous headliners that perform. On average, the Downtown Hoedown has an attendence of 800,000-1 million people every year. If you have not gone to this event, you should go!!..it is the best!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Eastern State Penitentiary on the NW side of Philadelphia

November May... City of Brotherly Love


Two negative articles that we found were titled "2 Men Sentenced in South Philadelphia Cross Burning Incident" and "Ex-school Teacher Makes Deal To Avoid Sex Trial". Two positve articles that we found were titled "Got a Gun? Turn it in Get Sixers Ticket" and "Cherished Rink Still Standing on its Feet". When looking for positive and negative articles it was definatly easier to find negative articles then positive articles. People would rather write about the bad or more exciting things that happen I guess. We also found crime stats on Philadelphia from 2004. I also looked up the crime stats in 2004 for Detroit. Philadelphia has 1,484,224 people and Detroit has 914,353 people durning 2004. Even though Philadelphia has way more people then Detroit, Detroit has a few high stats (Murders, Car Thefts, and Burlaries). Philadelphia of course has higher stats for all of the other crimes but thats because they have way more people. I thought that the stats would be way higher though then Detroit because they have way more people but that wasnt the case. Philadelphia only had 500 more assults then Detroit. I have never been to Philadelphia but I think it would be a good place to visit. Philadelphia has many tours and attractions that can be vistited. Philadelphia.com is a website that can be visited to see the night life, news, tours, attrations and much more they have to offer.