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Friday, February 24, 2006

Eastern State Penitentiary on the NW side of Philadelphia

November May... City of Brotherly Love


Two negative articles that we found were titled "2 Men Sentenced in South Philadelphia Cross Burning Incident" and "Ex-school Teacher Makes Deal To Avoid Sex Trial". Two positve articles that we found were titled "Got a Gun? Turn it in Get Sixers Ticket" and "Cherished Rink Still Standing on its Feet". When looking for positive and negative articles it was definatly easier to find negative articles then positive articles. People would rather write about the bad or more exciting things that happen I guess. We also found crime stats on Philadelphia from 2004. I also looked up the crime stats in 2004 for Detroit. Philadelphia has 1,484,224 people and Detroit has 914,353 people durning 2004. Even though Philadelphia has way more people then Detroit, Detroit has a few high stats (Murders, Car Thefts, and Burlaries). Philadelphia of course has higher stats for all of the other crimes but thats because they have way more people. I thought that the stats would be way higher though then Detroit because they have way more people but that wasnt the case. Philadelphia only had 500 more assults then Detroit. I have never been to Philadelphia but I think it would be a good place to visit. Philadelphia has many tours and attractions that can be vistited. Philadelphia.com is a website that can be visited to see the night life, news, tours, attrations and much more they have to offer.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Best of.."

The best place to eat on WSU campus would have to be in the Student Center. There are so many places that you can pick to eat. And they have the two best places there that I like to eat; Taco Bell and McDonalds'. I go to the Student Center because I like the atmosphere. Everyone is just there and you can sit down and socialize with your friends. One time that I was eating there, they had music and people were selling stuff. Basically all of the people that eat in the Student Center are the people that go to WSU, or in other words are young people. If you went somewhere on the streets close to campus there would be a variety of people there.
"Best of..."

The best place to study on WSU campus would have to be Starbucks. Everyone would probably say the library but whenever I go to the Under Graduate Library, it is always so noisy!! Everyone is so loud and I cannot concentrate. When I go to Starbucks or Einsten Bagel's everyone is way quieter!! Also when I go to the UGL I am distracted by the computers. I always go on the internet and never get any work done. Since I don't have a laptop, when I go to Einsten Bagels, I get more work done because I am not able to go on the interent or talk oline with my friends.